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Analysis-service will provide you with a bigger picture about your company’s current situation and a clear development plan. The service is meant for small-to-medium-sized companies who methodically want to develop their business.

ELY analysis-service lasts 1-2 days and the price for companies is 220 EUR/day (VAT 0%).

The Analysis is also an easily approachable way to test out external professional services to develop your business. An external professional brings their own experience to the table and provides new perspectives about your company’s development needs.

Analysis in VDF are implemented by Jukka Valkonen and Marko Sorri.

The application process is made easy for companies, and it doesn’t require pages and pages of plans. In the application you will describe your company briefly based on questions presented by ELY.


Business consulting is meant for small-to- medium-sized companies who have a strong desire to grow and develop – as well as the competency for it. Goals of the service are growth, renewal and efficiency.

Price of the consulting-service for companies is 300 EUR/day (VAT 0%) and its length is determined by the company’s needs. Consulting is carried out as according to ELY services. The content and the focus of the service are based on the development needs presented by the company.

VDF Consulting-service experts

Growth & Renewal

Marko Sorri

Jukka Lassila

Marketing & Customers

Jukka Valkonen

Kai Hämäläinen

Profitability & Finances

Reijo Koivula

Innovation commercialization


Seppo Laine

Marko Sorri

The application process is made easy and doesn’t require pages and pages of plans. We will help in the application process when needed!

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