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Download an info package on public funding! 

The possibilities public funding offers are endless and the process of researching and gathering information can be time-consuming.

However, the possibilities public funding offers are too good to pass up on. You can use the funding or loan, for example, to develop your business, further your product innovations and the commercialization of them and turn your internationalization plans into action.

This free info package is our way of making the research process easier for you. You can download this easy-to-read summary of eight different grants and loans and kick-start the process. We hope the guide gives you a good base-understanding of the possibilities public funding offers.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional information or want to discuss your company’s options with an expert.


We are happy to help.

The guide contains:

  • Summaries of eight grants/loans that, in our experience, are the most applied for

  • Quick, easy to understand info package on the features and requirements of the grants/loans

  • Rates for using an expert to help with the application process


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Want more information on funding possibilities?
Contact us:

Ville Viljanmaa

Service Manager

+35840 729 3342

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