Strategy work

Growth strategy

Be it that your business is just at the beginning of its growth or finding completely new paths to grow, we will help you plan out the path to reach your goals.

Together we will create practical plans to reach your growth goals. Schedules, responsibilities and required resources will be settled according to the competence of the team as well as financing. A feasible growth strategy will help your company e.g. to convince investors and with managing risks related to growth.

Strategy work is generally carried out so that key personnel in operative activity and in hands-on implementation take part in the planning process. This way it is ensured that the team is committed to the implementation of agreed actions and reaching the goals.

We will also help your company as extra hands in implementing the strategy if needed – and as extra legs as a part of the core operative team.

Owner strategy

The company owners can have different expectations and views about where the company is going, what things are important for the business, and what are the goals. People’s backgrounds and reasons for owning a company can differ from each other substantially.

We will help your business owners to bring their different perspectives together, into common operative alignments. We will find out the owners’ thoughts individually and based on that, implement an owner strategy to which the owners will commit.

A shared view about the direction of the company will make development much more efficient.

Company analysis

A clear picture about your company with an analysis.

With our analysis service we help startup companies to clarify their goals, development issues and growth plan. Figuring out your company’s growing-potentials together with a neutral expert will inevitably create new perspectives and open your mind to new possibilities.

Together we will drill into the core of your company and set your growth goals and development steps right.

Company analysis is important especially when you are planning a bigger project that is aiming for growth, and you want to make sure that your company is on a solid basis, and its other operations supports the development efforts.

Company analysis can also be implemented using ELY-services.

Risk management

Almost anything can happen, but what are the odds? And what does it mean for your business?

Together with your company’s administration we will identify potential risks that might threaten your business, define their monetary significance, plan preparing actions, possible consequences, and estimate the possibility of these risks actually happening.

Up-to-date risk management decreases administration’s workload by freeing up time for the essential business development and increasing sales. Risk management improves your company’s credibility in the eyes of potential investors and allows for the correct measurement of insurance coverage.

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